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Ghostscript Timeout

When the printer runs Ghostscript to convert the output into a PDF document it has a default timeout of 600 seconds (10 minutes). In case Ghostscript is still running after the timeout has expired it is terminated. This is done to prevent a crashed instance of Ghostscript to remain in memory if something goes wrong.

A timeout error will produce an error 1008 with the text 'Ghostscript timed out'.

This timeout can cause problems if Ghostscript hasn't finished because it is working on a huge document. In this case you might experience incomplete or empty PDF documents as a result of the Ghostscript process being terminated. You can change the timeout to fit your purpose. This is done using a setting named GhostscriptTimeout.

The GhostscriptTimeout setting can be specified in the global.ini file.

The sample below shows how to change the Ghostscript timeout in an ini file.

[PDF Printer] ; Set Ghostscript timeout to 60 minutes GhostscriptTimeout=3600

Place the above content in a file named global.ini, which is the file name of the global settings file for a bioPDF PDF Writer. The location of the global.ini file is documented in the section about the configuration files.

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