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Close Adobe Reader

program Since version 8 of the Adobe Reader it has changed behavior when used as a command line tool to print PDF documents. It will no longer close itself after being called with the /t switch. This tool will help you close the Adobe Reader when it has finished printing.

Programs like Microsoft Fax and a lot of custom built solutions rely on this feature from Adobe Reader.

How does it work?

Most programs that use this feature of Adobe Reader activate it by executing the PrintTo verb on the PDF document they want to print. They do that by calling the ShellExecute API function of the operating system. This tool patches the computers registry database to manipulate the PrintTo verb on PDF documents. Instead of calling the Adobe Reader the verb will activate the wrapper. The wrapper will simply start the original Adobe Reader and close it when it has finished printing.

Note: You may need the 32 bit edition of Adobe Reader for this to work.


Use the link below to download the current version.

Click here to download version


After you have downloaded the file above you unzip it and run the setup program. The setup program will automatically patch your registry database. Programs that use the PrintTo verb of PDF documents will now use the wrapper instead of the original Adobe Reader.

Command Line Switches

If you want to call the Acrobat Wrapper from a command line, you can use the following syntax:

acrowrap.exe /acceptlicense /t "pdf_file_name" ["printer_name"] ["printer_driver"] ["printer_port"]

Sometimes the Adobe Reader will ask the user to accept the license. This can make the process fail if this has not been accepted. By adding a /acceptlicense to the command line you can make the program accept the license automatically. Make sure that you have read the license and accept the terms before you use this parameter.


If you choose to uninstall the program it will remove the install files, and restore the original PrintTo verb in the registry.


The program writes to a log file in your folder for temporary files. Please collect this file and get the version number of your Adobe Reader before you request support.

License and Redistribution

Personal use of this tool is free of charge. If the use is commercial you must get a license for the PDF Writer. This license applies to both programs.

You can make this tool available for download from your own web if you include a link to You are permitted to redistribute this program with you own software if you acquire a redistribution license for the PDF Writer.

Download PAD file


Any feedback is very welcome. Please use the contact form.

Version History

2015-05-18 (

  • Setup program fixed.

2015-05-08 (

  • Compatibility with Adobe Reader XI.

2012-10-05 (

  • Improvements for Adobe Reader 10 also known as Adobe Reader X.

2011-03-02 (

  • Update to support Adobe Reader 10.
  • Version number updated to follow the Adobe Reader version supported.

2008-09-23 (

  • Update to support Adobe Reader 9.
  • Improved detection of idle Adobe readers.
  • Less CPU consumption.

2007-11-15 (

  • First release.
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