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PDF Writer - Trouble Shoot Microsoft Office 2003

Error -2146232576 (80131700) and Error -2147024894 (80070002)

Since the program started to use the Microsoft.NET Framework there has been some problems when using the COM API from VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) running in Microsoft Office 2003. This is not a problem for later versions of Microsoft Office.


A runtime error -2146232576 (80131700) or -2147024894 (80070002) is shown when specific functions are called in the COM API. This usually happens when you have a macro that uses the printer.


There is an error in Microsoft Office 2003 in connection with Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0.


Microsoft has released a fix for this error. More information and the fix is available at the link below.

Even though the fix describes Add-ins and smart tags it also applies to this problem. If you just install the downloaded fix it will look for a Visual Studio 2005 installation. This search will probably fail, since you most likely do not have that installed. I suggest that you do the following to apply the fix.

  1. Download the fix from the link above.
  2. Unpack the downloaded executable file using a program such as WinZip or 7zip.
  3. Run the following command line from the folder where you unpacked the files.

    office2003-kb907417sfxcab-ENU.exe /quit

    The /quiet will make the fix run unattended.

If you follow the instructions above then the problem should be fixed.

Keywords: Microsoft Office 2003, VBA, Macros, -2146232576, 0x80131700, -2147024894, 0x80070002, Microsoft Excel 2003, Microsoft Word 2003

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