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PDF Writer - Trouble Shoot Citrix Installations

In theory this product works well with Citrix. However, we often find that minor issues needs to be solved in some installation. This is often caused by the many different ways to configure and run a Citrix environment. Often, functionality is blocked by very strict security policies.

Despite of these bumps in the road the Citrix installations of the printer more often than not have a happy ending. This section of the documentation lists some hints on what might be wrong.

Problems running Ghostscript

Sometimes you will see an error 1007 when running the printer. This indicates that there were problems running the conversion from Postscript to PDF. The conversion is done by Ghostscript in most installation. If the users for some reason are missing the rights to run the Ghostscript executables then this error can occur. You should check your security around your Ghostscript installation and fix any issues before you proceed.

The arguments are invalid

It happens that the installation under Citrix runs into problems. The most common error is that the setup program stops with the message: "The arguments are invalid."

The arguments are invalid.

This error is usually caused by the printer spooler system failing to restart itself due to the Citrix Print Manager service being unresponsive. The problem can be illustrated by opening a command prompt and typing the following two commands:



The solution is simple. Kill the Citrix Print Manager service process. Restart the spooler and the Citrix Print Manager. After this you should be able to rerun the setup program.

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