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Software Developers

The PDF Writer is well suited to add PDF functionality to an existing software package. Software developers use the open architecture and API of the PDF Writer to control the virtual printer from their own program. When these software products are released to the end users it is often a requirement that the PDF Writer is an integrated part of the original installer.

Licensing Models

Wanting to include the PDF Writer with your own installer usually raises a couple of licensing questions. Normally we recommend that you buy a redistribution license for the PDF Writer. However, this can be costly for small software companies and there is a less optimal but cheaper alternative.


Redistribution will allow you to include the virtual printer with your own installer on your preferred media or download. The community version of the product requires the Ghostscript distiller. This is a separate product and requires a separate distribution agreement with the producers of Ghostscript. To overcome this problem we also offer a version of the PDF Writer that includes a commercial distiller and therefore removes the requirement for Ghostscript. Read more about redistribution.

Manual Installations

There is a cheaper alternative to the redistribution model. You can include a link to our web site and let the users purchase and install the product manually. This will make the installation process less optimal but it could still be good enough for many users. Using this model you even have the opportunity to sign up as a reseller and create extra revenue by reselling licenses for the PDF Writer to your end customers.

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