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Program Internals

The following information will give you some insight into the development structure of the PDF Writer. You might be interested in this if you plan an enterprise rollout or a redistribution scenario.


Some of the files installed with the PDF Writer are listed below. This will show you which development environment that we have used to produce these files. In general our development are shifting towards Microsoft.NET and C#. However, we have the internal policy to choose whatever tool that fits the task the best.

File Name Architechture Development Tool
biopdf.dll32 and 64 bitMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 C++
gui.exe32 bitMicrosoft Visual Basic 6
biopdfc.dll32 bitMicrosoft Visual Basic 6
config.exe32 bitMicrosoft Visual Basic 6
bzFlRdr.dll32 bitMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 C++
bzDCT.dll32 bitMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 C++
bioPDF.PDFWriter.dllManagedMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 C#
bioPdf.PdfWriter.Lib.dllManagedMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 C#
Setup program32 bitInno Setup
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